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Completing the secondary schools science improvement 2022

This year’s science fairs were held under the theme; “Science and Enterprise in addressing the COVID-19 global challenge”. The participating schools held exhibitions on their premises (Internal Science Fairs). At the Internal Science fairs, the classes of seniors one, two, three and five will be encouraged to compete against each other. Due to COVID-19 SOPs, Regional Science fair competitions will […]

Completing Development of the Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures Manual & Training LAB Staff on its use

Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) examination release reports at O and A levels report poor performance rates in science subjects. The major cause is attributed to the lack of students’ exposure to regular practice sessions and the theoretical teaching of science subjects by teachers instead of integrating practicals in the actual teaching of science. The science laboratory and the staff […]

Digitize and Conduct Pilot-testing (pre-test) of the digitized USEP Academic Progress Scorecard

The teaching-learning process involves monitoring and evaluation. The USEP Academic Progress Scorecard is a tool that was developed to enhance reporting and decision-making in relation to the science teaching process. This shall improve the effectiveness of the science teaching and learning process in schools. Presently the USEP Academic Progress scorecard is in form of a hard-copy book. In assessing the […]